• Citus™ Cloud Suite

    Citus™ Cloud Suite is a set of tools developed by FPT Software to better assist clients in Cloud transition and Cloud management from consultancy to post-implementation phases. By combining FPT Software’s proven Cloud expertise with Vietnam’s cost competitiveness, the tool suite offers an effective way to enhance productivity and reducing time-to-market while keeping enterprises’ Cloud budget at a minimum level.
    The toolset can be utilized for data & application migration, application performance capacity planning, Cloud budget planning, load testing, security risk assessment, Cloudification, SaaSification, PaaS and more.Explore tool

  • Citus™ Cobol Suite

    Citus Cobol Suite is FPT Software’s trademarked tool suite, offering users fast and cost-efficient Cloud-based Cobol transcoding approach. The tool suite has two components:
    Citus SIMBOL to help transform quickly and easily legacy code COBOL to JAVA as well as giving a good insight of the original COBOL source code.
    Citus MagicWand to assist users in migrating their systems from the troublesome Mainframe to the advantageous Open platform. Explore Tool

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